I utilize concepts of Shuai-Jiao an many other throwing arts to make our students a more well rounded martial arts practitioner. Chinese Wrestling now commonly called Shuai-Jiao (competing to throw) or the downing of your opponent. It is the culmination of the ancient, crude, practical and effective combat grappling methods of the battlefield. Shuai-Jiao has evolved into it's own sophisticated style.

The Chinese Wrestling method of using punches, kicks and joint-locks in the context of throwing is incorporated in all martial arts styles to some degree. Its philosophy shares the same principle of T'ai Chi's Yin and Yang, the traditional cosmic law of China. In fact, an advanced Chinese Wrestling practitioner views T'ai Chi (Tai Chi/Taiji) and Chinese Wrestling as two sides of the same coin, meeting at a junction, but coming from totally different origins. A variety of martial styles stemmed from Chinese Wrestling, like Judo and Jujitsu.