The Universal Law of Cause and Effect and how it pertains to the body and it’s issuing of power is very crucial. With every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. When you are issuing power in one direction there will be an opposite and equal power being recoiled back into the body. The body being elastic in nature will have a spring like effect when solidifying the power being recoiled. The body must be completely relaxed and the intent and spirit must be linked to the body as one. The power must be released and not thrown and must have complete unbroken intention. The moment of delivering power must be as brief as possible.

You must hold in your mind the vision of you doing what it is that you are looking to manifest and hold it in your thoughts so that it creates the emotions to drive your desire to sustain you until you reach the physical manifestation that you are envisioning. You must hold a very clear and precise vision to the smallest detail in your mind at all time of the day and night. Sustained thought is the hardest task that a human being can do. You must not only hold this vision in your mind but you also see yourself living this vision in the present moment and have the belief and faith that you will obtain your vision. This takes a tremendous WILL to continually hold these thoughts in your mind and when ever they seem to be slipping to re-focus immediately. You need to understand and focus your efforts towards applying these universal laws and principles to bring out your faith and belief that you were created for greatness and deserve to have it.