Being Calm: We have to trust our calm presence rather than our body’s power or our emotional exhilaration. The majority of us are controlled by, and identified with the mind, and so the mind influences and appears to control everything we do. Your thoughts are what make up your life and movement.

Relaxing: Relax all your joints to fall open and your tissues be elastic and loose. Let everything flow-down to the feet. Use the intrinsic binding force of your tissues, regardless of how relaxed they are, to connect your body. Use gravity as your principal force, and the earth as your primary principle and closest ally. Looseness allows freedom of movement and change. It also permits an unprompted response to force and quickness in activity that cannot be accomplished in any other way. Relaxation allows for greater speed, changeability, effortless power, balance, and more skill than can be acquired by following any other process; and it is essential in order to accomplish all of the other principles.

Center: If all movements are done from the center, structural alignments and balance will naturally fall into place. Through the focus on the center (dian tien), it is possible to get in touch with power on many levels. In physical relationship, it moves the body as a whole and allows it to be directed effectively. Performing any practical activity while concentrating on the dian tien will automatically increase the power, skill, and effectiveness of the activity. Combat is seen as a relationship between you and your adversary. this process is: the beginning or birth, which moves into growth, then maturity, and lastly completion. When the method is accomplishing its commission, alteration is most complicated. They are restricted from moving freely into the next moment of new process; their balance and momentum is trapped and they are defeated by their inability to respond.

Grounding: Grounding is established by aligning to the earth and relaxing the muscles, letting them drop to a lower position. This process allows access to inherent strength by unlocking joints and disengaging the bones, increasing energy circulation. Whether moving or standing still, you must carry the upper body literally resting on the pelvis and legs. One leg is somewhat compressed, the other, more compressed, but both must be kept relaxed. Awareness encompasses every aspect of your being. When you move your mind downward, concentrating on the lower parts – such as the pelvis, legs, feet, and ground – your energy will follow. This relaxing or sinking into the earth also gives power to our movements.


The arms must be moved by the hips or center. If muscles are exerted here and there, or held in place, then real unity is not possible. The body parts must not only move together in the same direction, but must also move for the same purpose.