The human body is an intelligent organism constantly re-creating itself in response to stimuli. Some of these stimuli are innovative and sought-after knowledge acquired through training. In this dominion of new and advantageous knowledge, NMR (Neuromuscular Reprogramming) can contribute a great deal to the internal martial artist and their quest for the power of a unified body.

The neuromuscular connection is how the brain and the muscular system communicate. Once a specific skill (exercise) is initiated, the brain begins a specific pattern or “connection” to the involved muscle(s). Then the brain and the muscles store this specific information in the memory drum (commonly referred to as muscle memory). NMR utilizes a form of kinesthetic conversation with the body to imprint new and fresh wisdom on the motor control center of the brain, replacing damaged imprints created through ergonomically inefficient use patterns. It bypasses the usual reflex spinal root circuits to address neuromuscular problems at their source, the motor control center.

These neuromuscular connections are very imperative to establish correct pathways for striking and the use of kinematic chains for the most power or velocity possible in combat. There are set exercises that help in retraining the neurologic patterns. The martial artist must use their mind to bring into awareness the signals to the muscular structure and the strength of those signals. These pathways and neuromuscular connections must be interpreted and identified with the mind.

The counter weight and balance linked with the tension held through the body is crucial to produce the most efficient movement, power and velocity. These neuromuscular connections are also the link to the body’s ability to absorb power or withstand tremendous impacts. When the practitioner holds the musculoskeletal system with tensegrity the body can absorb impacts without being damaged. Energy flows away from a site of impact through the tensegrous living matrix. The more flexible and balanced the network (the better the tensional integrity), the more readily it absorbs shocks and converts them to information rather than damage. Dysfunction of the motor coordination systems governing movement, postural support and alignment are the greatest dilemma in the ability to have effortless power and power absorption.

These motor coordination systems are easily reprogrammed with the focus of the mind and some very simple exercises. Most practitioners find that their ability to control neuromuscular stimuli is greatly enhanced within a few months of practicing these exercises. The astonishing benefits of reducing the energy demand from the support and movement system by improving neuromuscular efficiency are: more energy, clearer vision, and increase in muscle definition through normal activity levels, a normalization of tissue metabolism, and more energy available for the higher brain functions of creative thought and problem-solving.

Psychologically, it means a general sense of greater well-being, feeling balanced and whole. The practitioner will have a return to energy levels remembered from a much younger age; we realize that the more we can reduce stress on the system created by dysfunctional neuromuscular connections, the easier our life becomes.